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Artists, cultural professionals and activists currently in residency at Hectolitre
Artistes, gestionnaire culturel et militants actuellement en résidence à Hectolitre

Mladen Bundalo
Born 1986 in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
An interdisciplinary artist working on visual-dialogical systems that address movement, exchange, value, inflation, and uncertainty, as nodal categories in the experience of modern society.
Lives and works in Brussels.

Pierre-Louis Cassou
Film and audio-visual art producer (France, 1982).
Founder of La tangente, production structure. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Erro Rasker
A visual artist, designer, scenographer and writer. He creates works and installations in-si- tu, starting often from a pragmatic necessity. His work fulfills a spatial demand - a need for more light, for comfort or warmth.In parallel, his work possesses a second, performative aspect. He sees his work as characters in a space who take an active role in their environment, and in turn change their environ- ment. Their status falls between scenographic ‘prop’ or set piece, and performer, antagonist.

Barbara Prada
Visual artist Born in Lima, raised in cadaqués, residing and working in Brussels. Born during times of terrorism in a country of munificent tradition, coloured with vibrant flavours and a religious collectivity, called Perú. At the age of five I was forced to leave to Europe, losing my home but realizing a dream. This brutal relationship between Eu- rope and Perú, two contrasting cultures, forced me to find my place as an artist in my current socio-political context. My artistic journey has been marked by the exploration of various mediums, including painting, sculpture, and installation art. Beyond my artistic practice, I have the com- mitment to use organic materials and art as my communication tool and as a means for social change. I has actively participated in social practices based around the familly pot, projects and initiatives that aim to promote cultural diversity, inclusivity, and social empowerment. Much of my work to date has explored our relationship to acts of bringing food to the table, into our surrounding neighbourhoods in order to gather around the comforting rituals of food, which define our social ecology and our identity. Recently, in both Appropriation & Reappropriation and the Recapitulation Edible Library, I ́ve been working with organic materials in tandem with sculptures and tech- nology. Also exhibited in: IFLAC WORLD in Sao Paulo (2023) The Peruvian Embassy of London (2023) OKK Gallery Berlín (2023) NDSM Fuse Amsterdam (2023) Cc Strombeek (2022); HANGAR, Lisboa (2022); Moussem gallery, Brussels (2021); C-mine, Genk (2020); het TheaterFestival, Ghent (2019); Het Bos, Antwerpen (2019); KAAI Theater, Brussels (2019); ARCO Festival, Madrid (2018); STOCK pavilion, Ghent (2017) and at W139, Amsterdam (2016). In 2015 she organised as an student of LUCA with other UGent departments a free seeds exchange as an art installation called: Gravitating food garden.

Betül Sefika Özdemir
Betül Sefika is a poet and visual artist based in Brussels. Having a graphic design background, her writings try to draw the formal attributes of their media into their content. Her visual work revolves mainly around materialising absence. The requirements of a language that wants to refer to absence, without filling it’s void and becoming the subject, make that her imagery is often of intimate, airy, fragmented and/or small scaled quality. She was a participant of Slow Writing Lab programme in 2022 and of DeBuren’s Paris Residency in 2020. By means of recital, poem, image, installation and horoscope she has worked for and with DeBuren, De Gids, Perdu, Het Bos, Kluger Hans, DEUS EX MACHINA, rekto:verso, TIM magazine, De Koer, Kunstenfestival Plan B, KAAP, Mensen Zeggen Dingen, NOORDWOORD, Dans Dichter Dans, etc.

Ari-Pekka Leinonen
Sound artist from Finland. He has been freely translating his discoveries of Brussels's skyline, architecture, and minor details in building facadesinto an experimental loudspeaker design that also plays with the idea of combining acoustic diffuser panel and loudspeaker. The sound system uses sound spatialization techniques to move sounds from one loudspeaker to another in order to create a constantly altering sonic experience, when the sources of sounds are constantly moving. He is curious to hear how this will change the sonic experience of the performances by the invited performers and DJs.


Lucie Fournier
Cultural professional(France, 1985).
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Alyssa Gersony
An interdisciplinary artist, vision rehabilitation therapist and orientation and mobility specialist based in New York City and Rīga, Latvia.

David Labi
David Labi is founder of ethical storytelling collective Good Point, helping ethical brands and campaigns increase their impact.
Born in London, he has lived in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Berlin – and now Brussels.
David is a creative facilitator, cultural producer, filmmaker, and writer, who works to bring joy and build empathy.

Martina Petrović
Interdisciplinary artis, born in Serbia. Her artistic practice started with visual works, from drawing and painting to sculpture and installation. Currently she is busy with artistic research exploring the sphere of performative rituals. Her practice revolves around reroting of Balkan rituals into the sphere of environmental and paricipatory art. She is also active in two art collectives School of love and Garden of Delights.

Petar Sarjanović
Petar Sarjanović (b.1986) is a dramaturg, writer and researcher from Zagreb, now living in Brussels. He is active as co-organizer and advisor of smaller-scale festivals and events.
Trailer 'Everything I don't know, I've stolen': https://vimeo.com/408166510