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Artists, cultural professionals and activists currently in residency at Hectolitre
Artistes, gestionnaire culturel et militants actuellement en résidence à Hectolitre

Mladen Bundalo
Born 1986 in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
An interdisciplinary artist working on visual-dialogical systems that address movement, exchange, value, inflation, and uncertainty, as nodal categories in the experience of modern society.
Lives and works in Brussels.

Pierre-Louis Cassou
Film and audio-visual art producer (France, 1982).
Founder of La tangente, production structure. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Julia Droga
A multidisciplinary artist involved in the visual, sound and performance arts. After completing a Master's degree at the ERG (École de Recherche Graphique) in Brussels, in speculative narration and experimental storytelling, she continues to develop a practice of interventions situated in public spaces, testing their limits by summoning a relationship with the "other" in the here and now. In her recent performances, she uses her voice and body in raw, lyrical declamations to bear witness to her personal experiences as a woman in society, and to question the norms that govern the private and public spheres. Nurtured by deliberately chaotic urban experiences, she explores themes close to her environment "where the self disarticulated subjects such as: our relationship to money, questions of identity, relationships of dependence and lack, partying and nightlife.... Where self-mediatization becomes a necessity for translating desire into one's own fictions." Since 2022, she has been developing a program of participatory research and action (R.A.P.) to imagine together new collective practices by integrating the voices and histories of non-hegemonic groups in the city: How can we bring out other realities of the city with those who live it? Each project is co-created from conception to completion, with people met through associations. Because this program is intended to be experimental, its forms vary according to the desires, ideas, doubts and experiences of all those involved.

Lot Yan Teresa
Lot Yan Teresa is an artist-researcher mainly active as mover, writer and maker. Since 2017, she has been training and working with dance and interdisciplinary creation. She has a background in art history and anthropology, and was many years engaged in participative social-political research on dislocation, territory and difference. More recently, she started to connect her writing to her movement practice, exploring traces and reminiscences of inner bodies and imagined lands. Besides her artistic work, Lot is also active as a massage therapist.

Her practice has been mainly based in Brazil and has been recently connected to Brussels as well. In her last projects in Rio de Janeiro, she proposed choreographic practices in collaboration with a sound artist and a visual artist (PAISSAGEM PLAY, 2022; MYSTOPIA reverse, 2023; Theatre Sergio Porto). These performances were related to her work as movement pedagogue, including people with special needs/sensibilities. A part of the research has been carried out in residency at CAMPO arte contemporânea in Teresina, Brazil; where she shared a preliminary sound and video installation.

During the current residency of reflection at Hectolitre, Lot will focus on research and writing for her most recent project VESTIGIA https://www.buda.be/en/residentie/vestigia-working-title



Ros Del Olmo
Ros Del Olmo is a writer who articulates their artistic practice between Spain and Belgium. Departing from journalism and humanities, they do poetry, while experimenting with radio formats and collective performance. Their research hovers over questions around potential cuir habitabilities, critical genealogies, and collective writing-reading, beyond the binaries dispositions of language making. Ros have published their poems in several magazines and anthologies and co-directed the creative residency for writers Conejillo de Verano with Plataforma BajoTeja, an art mediation platform active between the Spanish rural and urban landscapes. Ros works currently in rile* books and they like to think of voice as an ephemeral liquid that stains but leaves no trace.

stef assandri
Artist, researcher and designer. Born in Montevideo in 1989.
In recent years, they have been exploring and researching practices that relate migration, gender, anti-speciesism, through writing, performance and costumes.
They also work collectively on projects –in Uruguay, Spain and Belgium– that address issues of gender and ecologies. With Renata Lamenza, they conducted and co-created the research project TACTICS for a COLLECTIVE BODY (2020-2022) at School of Arts, University of Antwerp. Stef collaborated with artists of the Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo in Uruguay, and co-directed and performed on Bailamos Siempre Las Mismas Canciones in Montevideo (2017-2018), Uruguay.


Erro Rasker
A visual artist, designer, scenographer and writer. He creates works and installations in-si- tu, starting often from a pragmatic necessity. His work fulfills a spatial demand - a need for more light, for comfort or warmth.In parallel, his work possesses a second, performative aspect. He sees his work as characters in a space who take an active role in their environment, and in turn change their environ- ment. Their status falls between scenographic ‘prop’ or set piece, and performer, antagonist.

Lucie Fournier
Cultural professional(France, 1985).
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

David Labi
David Labi is founder of ethical storytelling collective Good Point, helping ethical brands and campaigns increase their impact.
Born in London, he has lived in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Berlin – and now Brussels.
David is a creative facilitator, cultural producer, filmmaker, and writer, who works to bring joy and build empathy.

Martina Petrović
Interdisciplinary artis, born in Serbia. Her artistic practice started with visual works, from drawing and painting to sculpture and installation. Currently she is busy with artistic research exploring the sphere of performative rituals. Her practice revolves around reroting of Balkan rituals into the sphere of environmental and paricipatory art. She is also active in two art collectives School of love and Garden of Delights.

Petar Sarjanović
Petar Sarjanović (b.1986) is a dramaturg, writer and researcher from Zagreb, now living in Brussels. He is active as co-organizer and advisor of smaller-scale festivals and events.
Trailer 'Everything I don't know, I've stolen': https://vimeo.com/408166510