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Hectolitre HouseAteliers - What is it?
Hectolitre is a project dedicated to artists and cultural professionals who wish to delve deeper into their projects, experiment with transdisciplinarity and/or connect their art to the local context. The project’s space is found in a building with peculiar history and décor, hosting a multipurpose environment encompassing artists housing and studio units, open community space, and production and communication-based venues. Such hybrid setup enables the inner community to work and live within the project, encourages creating and collaborating, and supports a public outreach. “Hectolitre HouseAteliers” currently include two autonomous and ready-to-use living and working units with limited duration of occupation. These residency spaces are found on the 1st and 2nd floor of the building of Hectolitre, and are completely integrated within the project dynamics coordinated by Hectolitre a.s.b.l. Having c. 100m2, two bedrooms, big bathroom and kitchen, the “HouseAteliers” units are an ideal living and working context for two persons (maximum 4). A large working/living room of 40m2 with high ceilings can be used as an art-studio or shared workspace. For detailed spatial arrangement please see the plan in the attachment.

Hectolitre HouseAteliers - For who it is?
“HouseAteliers” are intended for professional, visual, performing, media artists and writers willing to join Hectolitre for a limited period of time. Applicants must be looking to apply together for one single “HouseAtelier”, as a place to live and work together. In addition, we think of professionals aware of other aspects of the project of Hectolitre, exploring possibilities to generate exchanges and activities. For example, the invitation to use common spaces and resources - as a possibility to organize a public presentation of a work carried out. Cultivating curiosity and benevolent exchange are key elements of the proposal. Particular attention is given to the constitution of a diversified group where the specificities of each reinforce the quality of the collective experience and credibility.

Hectolitre HouseAteliers - Practical modalities?
• Price: 1000€/month including space fee, ASBL fee, RC insurance, water, internet, electricity and gas (average daily and seasonal use). No caution asked.
• Duration: fixed for a period of 6 months.
• Availability of the the residence: the HouseAteliers at the 1st floor and the 2nd floor.
• Access date: April 01, 2022 (1st floor) and May 01 (2nd floor).
• Domiciliation possible.
• Adhesion to the Hectolitre A.S.B.L. and Modus Vivendi

Hectolitre HouseAteliers - How to apply?
Are you interested? Contact us at residence@hectolitre.space and tell us 2-3 words about you and your work - links are welcome, no files in the attachment please. We will contact you back and put in place a participatory process of selection, in order to ensure horizontal and democratic development of inner community and the project as a whole.

The Hectolitre a.s.b.l. was created at the end of 2019, giving a structural and legal frame to a project that has grown significantly since the initial impulse given by its founders in 2017. To be able to use the Hectolitre spaces, artists and creatives must become members of the ASBL. They therefore adhere to the Hectolitre project and are curious and interested in joining an experimental project and a community around constant evolution. Membership brings a series of advantages such as the possibility of being able to use the spaces of the Reactor (exhibiting, performance, screening), of the Trait d'Union (open community, workshop and projects communication place), common areas of the Studio (meeting room, terrace), audio/podcast cave and the garden - all in good harmony and coordination with all the actors and respecting the spirit and the intention of each of these parties. Being a member also means having the opportunity to participate in development and reflection meetings around the project in a spirit of co-creation and above all in a series of moments of conviviality and exchanges around a coffee, a good drink or a shared meal.
For more information on the Hectolitre project and its different parts and spaces, please consult the website: www.hectolitre.space

Photo par Mladen Bundalo, 2020