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Laboratoire Sonore 15

PILOOT brings back its Laboratoires Sonores at Hectolitre.
Limited seats!

Book your seat: piloot.music@gmail.com

Cloaked under a veil of electronic music and anchored in experimental Jazz, Piloot steers its unpredictable trance machine into a Cosmic Climax. In 2019, Piloot decides to formalise its multidisciplinary meetings and its deep desire to experiment. To do so, Piloot develops the concept of Laboratoire Sonore. On a monthly basis and for 3 consecutive sessions, the trio takes over a venue and, sometimes, invites particular artists to perform with. This form of performance allows the group to develop and deepen – with the urgency that implies the presence of the public – other artistic aspects such as scenography, sound diffusion or the concepts of musical interactions.